Keirsey Research Survey Reveals iPad May Become Even More Popular with Future Buyers (6/8/2010)

Apple could sell 7 million more units by end of Summer 2010

According to a recent survey completed by Keirsey Research from May 30 to June 2, 2010, the future looks bright for Apple with its newest must-have-gadget: the iPad. The research of more than 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 years and older shows that Apple could sell as many as 7 million iPad units during the upcoming summer months with more than 25 percent of adults planning on purchasing an iPad in the near future. The Apple iPad hit the U.S. market by storm on April 3, 2010 with Apple recently announcing that sales have already topped 2 million units.

The Keirsey survey also revealed that the not-yet-released Android-based tablet could be the most viable competitor to the iPad; although it is more likely that this device will be a more direct competetitor of any Microsoft-based tablets among those surveyed who are not planning on making an iPad purchase.

Additionally, current e-book owners, including Kindle users show more enthusiasm about the iPad than the general population. More than 40 percent of Kindle owners planned to purchase an iPad. To date, nearly nine percent of Kindle users have already made a purchase.

Not surprisingly, current Apple iPhone users are the most likely to purchase an iPad, with more than half of all iPhone owners saying they are planning to buy the device or have already made the purchase. The Keirsey study also shows the most popular uses of the iPad include web surfing and email. Other highly-reported uses include eBooks, online video viewing and social networking. About one-third of the purchasers report using their iPad to play games and less than 10 percent of purchasers have completely given up using a more traditional PC.

Looking at the data through the lens of Keirsey Temperament Theory, Idealists are the most enthusiastic of the Temperaments towards the iPad, with more than 30% planning a purchase. The Idealists’ Temperamental opposites, the Artisans, are the least likely, at 17%, to report plans to purchase. As observed by Dr. Keirsey, Idealists like to “Think Different” – Apple’s marketing and the iPad have caught their imagination.

(update 6-22-10: Apple today announced they have sold 3 million iPads - we at Keirsey Research believe Apple is being very conservative with their numbers.)

Complete Keirsey Research iPad survey results are as follows:

  Have Purchased iPad Planning to purchase iPad within 90 days Planning to purchase iPad, no defined timeframe Considering purchase of Android-based tablet
Total U.S. Adult population    * 2.4% 22.5% 5.1%
U.S. Adults 18-34    * 1.0% 20.3% 5.3%
U.S. Adults 35-44    * 3.1% 22.4% 5.4%
U.S. Adults 45-54    * 3.3% 27.0% 4.8%
U.S. Adults 55+    * 2.7% 21.5% 4.7%



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