Keirsey Research offers a wide range of survey services designed to meet your specific needs – from rapid turnaround testing of a few specific questions, to detailed surveys targeting narrow demographic segments; we can work with you from initial design to completed project faster than you thought possible.

Omnibus Surveys

Keirsey Research Online Omnibus surveys offer a shared-cost, multi-client vehicle for addressing your research needs in a surprisingly affordable and rapid results manner. Individually priced questions give you the ultimate flexibility in tailoring your research and budget requirements while maintaining proprietary results. With Keirsey Research Omnibus surveys running on a continual basis, you can have accurate results within just a few days of contacting us. Our Omnibus survey offerings include:

Custom Surveys

When your research requirements are beyond the scope of our regularly running Omnibus surveys, we can work with you to program highly specific and targeted surveys that get you the data you need. Our InFlow methodology gets the results you need -- in the time you need, with accurate and timely data from the audience you need.

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